Our Programme

Solice can provide many great benefits to those who have either completed a stay in detox, have relapsed, or simply feel they need to be in a safe environment and reinforce their programme.

Solice also welcomes guests who have had a period of sobriety and feel at risk. Close contact with other like-minded people can often provide the necessary comfort to avoid relapse, strengthen recovery, and remove potential pitfalls.

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to participate in a number of leisure activities, including walking, cycling, swimming, and gym work.


• Diet and nutrition
• Fitness and exercise
• Addressing the hormonal imbalance of guests due to their former lifestyles.
• Yoga
• Breathing Exercises
• Ice-baths
• Mindful thinking and meditation


• One-to-one sessions, minimum of 5 times per week
• Group discussions that will address our guest’s perceptions of their actual reality upon departure
• Group activities will include daily check-ins and topic meetings
• Various group excursions


• 12-step meetings and preparation for returning home and living a sober life
• Encouragement to socialize with others in recovery
• Inside, Solice guests will either start or continue the 12-step recovery and gain the tools that will help them maintain a sober life


• Reconnection with life and loved ones
• Evaluation of hormonal and nutritional levels
• Help in dealing with past and present trauma
• Assisting guests to reconnect with their interests
• Physical training
• Intensive 12-step programme
• Working on co-dependency and other issues with living & fulfilling a successful life
• Extensive relapse prevention
• Understanding cross-addiction
• Building new and happy memories associated with sobriety
• Implementation of lifestyle changes and healthy living

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