Solice is a luxury facility with 15 single occupancy, air-conditioned rooms with en suite bathrooms. There is a combination of communal and private areas so that guests can retain privacy but also partake in group activities. The facility is surrounded by spacious grounds, that are used for activities, such as volleyball.

Facilities include a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor gymnasiums, large gardens and quiet areas. Wi-fi is included, though guests are expected to limit mobile phone access to one hour per day* in their first week.

*Exceptions for example could be work-related Internet access. This will be assessed and implemented on an individual basis and in direct consultation with our staff here at Solice.

Residents will have three meals a day, which will be prepared by our experienced chefs and will have a focus on nutrition and well-being. At Solice, we aim to make the stay bespoke and centred toward specific needs. Our intention is to give guests the perfect environment to ensure a speedy recovery.