Questions to Ask When Looking for a Rehab

Searching for the perfect addiction rehab can be overwhelming for most people. Whether you’re searching for yourself or someone you love, you’ll want to get it right.

The truth is each person who decides to make the heroic journey toward recovery has their own set of unique circumstances.

At Solice we fully understand this, and we have an exceptional approach to best fit the needs of each client.

So how will you know if a particular recovery center is a good fit? What questions should you ask when searching for addiction rehab treatment to gather the essential information?

Here are some tips & questions to help you navigate.

What types of programs do you offer?

Each client is different, and no two cases are the same. A care plan should be specifically designed to heal the mind, body, and soul of the individual.

A professional assessment is one of the first steps to being admitted to the program and each client should be assessed by an addiction psychiatrist and given a full psychological evaluation. Be wary of any facilities that don’t offer this fundamental step.

Many of the best rehabilitation centers adhere to the classic 12-step model of recovery, while others supplement with medical or scientific methodology in approaching addiction treatment. Always ask about what therapies they use, and in this case, more is usually better.

What is the treatment philosophy of the rehabilitation center?

When researching a rehab facility, you want to ensure that its treatment philosophy aligns with your own personal requirements and expectations of a program. Research how they define addiction, and how they define success. Think about what is most important to you.

At Solice, apart from the 12-step program, we provide community-based, holistic, long-term addiction treatment, because we feel compassionately connecting with our clients is a key to successful recovery.

What about the Staff and the Care Team?

The staff and care team must be equipped to work with all types of behavioral and physical problems. To provide high-quality care, the staff must understand both the complex nature of mental health issues and substance abuse.

With Gretar’s own exceptional story and his consistent focus on mind, body, and spirit, we, at Solice, can offer a special emphasis on enabling recovering addicts to handle their own unique situations.

What Kind of Activities Do You Offer?

Taking part in new activities is pivotal to a healthy recovery. Therefore, it’s important to ask your recovery center what sort of activities they offer. At Solice, we’re proud to offer a wide range of activities

We are situated within walking distance of Marbella, on the Costa del Sol, home of the most beautiful sides of Southern Spain.

Is the rehabilitation center in a safe environment?

Wherever you choose for treatment, be sure that the facility is in a safe and secure environment. At the same time, it is important that the surroundings of the treatment reflect in them a positive outlook and pose a comfortable place in which a person can recover A setting built for success will bring about the best in an individual. Solice provides a sober environment for its guests to continue early-stage recovery and prepare for the next positive steps toward a cleaner and better life.

Do You Provide Life Skills to Support Long-Term Sober Living?

This is a vital question and it’s important to show people that it is possible to live a good life free from addiction. The enhanced quality of life is something that we emphasize with joy, associating happy memories with sobriety. While it’s great to get off substances and recover, it’s more important to go on and live a fulfilling and productive life.

Recovery can be a hard transition, as going back to a previous lifestyle could trigger a relapse. That is why in Solice, we aim to give everyone the necessary skills that they will need to face up to and maintain their sobriety upon their departure from the program. Our success can be both attributed and gauged on Solice’s ability to help residents fit in, reconnect, and re-establish themselves in society.

Once all the above questions have been answered, it’s much easier for people seeking help for addiction to make an informed decision about the best treatment facility for their individual needs.

If you want to find out more about What to expect from a Rehab?

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