Addicts in Recovery & COVID-19

COVID-19 is about to impact society in an unprecedented manner.  None of us can accurately predict the outcome or how it is going to impact us over the coming months.  It is clear that this is going to affect different people in different ways.

Many addicts will have just embarked on their journey of recovery.  With social distancing being recommended and a high probability of it being imposed, what sensible measures can we take?

If you have just come out of rehab, sober environment or are new to one of the fellowships, we suggest that it is important to plan your recovery and consider the options that will work for you.  Meetings are necessary for many reasons. They provide continuing contact with other addicts; however, if social distancing or lock-down is imposed, face-2-face meetings may become difficult.

There are other options that you can consider.

Online meetings

The fellowships host online meetings.  The AA online meetings can be found at:

Staying in contact with other addicts

If you have joined a fellowship, you may have a sponsor, or you may have taken telephone numbers.  We suggest that you stay in regular contact with other addicts.

If you have not taken telephone numbers, we suggest that you speak to your fellowship, explain this and look to them for advice.

Speak WITH your family & FRIENDS

If face-2-face meetings become difficult, explain to those around you that they are an important part of your recovery and talk this through with them.

Speak with your rehab facility or sober environment

Many of these facilities provide aftercare.  They will know you personally and either point you in the right direction or help you with your planning.


Solice is a 12-step sober environment for addicts in recovery, based in the mountains of the Costa-Del-Sol.  We welcome addicts who want a safe haven to progress their recovery.  Solice is naturally socially distanced and has taken sensible measures to deal with COVID-19.  We are open and welcoming guests for 28-day stays.

If you would like to find out more, or speak with one of our team, click

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